Resolve tickets the easy way.

With Nibo by your side it’s easy to create order out of chaos, so everyone’s tickets get prioritized and resolved quickly.

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Helpful features making things easy for all


Instantly asks the right questions to get to the root of each problem, resolves 50 percent of tickets on the spot, accessible anywhere on any device.

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All the insight to achieve less downtime and higher productivity across the business, with a range of reports and real time alerts to head off trouble.

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Prioritize tickets without guesswork, get suggested resolutions, and prevent unresolved tickets from clogging up your systems.

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Nibo is a growing platform of knowledge

The more you use Nibo, the more value he brings to your business. He learns what works (and what doesn’t) from how every ticket is resolved, building a huge library of automated processes and knowledge for you that might otherwise be locked away in the heads of individual agents.

Nibo’s smart and responsive, and even learns other languages. You can roll out Nibo across different geographies confident that users will get the same great service whatever the locals speak.